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About Us


Meet Q

 Q is a professional dancer and dance teacher with a wealth of experience and expertise in contemporary, jazz, power pom and hip hop. Q has worked as a freelance dancer and has performed with numerous companies and productions around the country. Q is also a current NFL cheerleader and an award-winning choreographer.

Q is passionate about sharing her skills and knowledge with adults who bottom line: love to dance. Whether you're an experienced dancer or you are dusting off your dance shoes, Q has something to offer you. She is dedicated to helping her students reach their personal and professional goals, and she brings a fun and supportive atmosphere to her classes.

So if you're ready to get moving and improve your artistry and technical skills, come join Q at DanceHQ. You'll have a great time and come away with new skills, confidence, and reborn love of dance!

Our Vision

DanceHQ is meant to be a space for adult dancers to build on their passion for dance without all of the baggage that can frequently come with the sport. 

At DanceHQ we strive to create an uplifting environment during each class to make dancers of all ages and skill levels feel confident. The beautiful thing about our students is that they come from a wide variety of backgrounds. The dancers who take class range from professional dancers, aspiring college and pro level dancers, dance instructors, and retired recreational dancers.

We are inclusive to ALL.

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